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[Fic] Richie's Madness

Title: [Fic] Richie’s Madness

Fandom: From Dusk Till Dawn

Rating: Pg13

Warnings: Possible incest. Language.

Summary: Takes place just after Richie kills the woman in the motel. Is Richie’s mind playing tricks on him again?


One time Seth loses control...Collapse )


Dragon Age

Title: A Warden Taken

Category: Dragon Age

Rating: M

Warnings: Slash, explict m/m, dub-con

Summary: Zevran POV. Zevran contemplates Alistair’s situation, and how he can remedy it.



I was sick of him, the Grey Warden...Collapse )


Title: Monsters
Fandom: Cold Case
Pairing/characters: Lilly/Kat, Veronica Miller
Category: angst, character study, established relationship,
Rating: PG-13
My Cold Case claim table 2/25
Prompt: slashtheimage's #12, smallfandomflsh #23 promise and 25moments's #4 life or death.
Word count: 654
Betas: Thanks to commoncomitatus and pellmelody for the amazing beta.
Disclaimer: Not mine.

In the wake of a tragedy that nobody could have forseen, Kat struggles to come to terms with her place in her daughter's life.

Pimping Kink meme


I'd just like to tell you guys that there is a few Anonymous Kink Meme's that I thought you guys would like:

Lost Boys Anonymous Kink Meme 

Big Wolf on Campus Anonymous (Kink) Meme

Pirates of The Caribbean Anonymous Kink Meme

It has all your slasher needs, such as requests and some fulfilled ones. So please come and check it out. 

For instructions and rules, they are in pasted the same in each of those links above

Title: I’m Not Losing Sleep
Fandom: Bewitched
Pairing: Darrin/Larry
Rating: R
Category: pwp/smut
slashthedrabble’s prompt: # 177 past challenges revisited, #002 pairing you’ve never written before and # 85 David Bowie Song Titles
Word Count: 463
Beta: Thanks to 4ensicbones for the fabulous beta :)
Disclaimer: Sadly, none of the characters from Bewitched belong to me and seeing as how I was not even born when Bewitched aired, no where close to being born, if they were mine we would have seen Uncle Arthur with his boyfriend and Serena would totally admit to fancying women. Because, seriously, was my gaydar the only one tingling whenever Serena appeared on screen?

Darrin Stephens was a proud man, and he was not, was not, going to beg.

[Fic] A Happy Beginning?

Title: A Happy Beginning?

Pairing: Nikolai/Kirill

Rating: PG

Word Count: 630

Disclaimer: I don’t hold any claim to Eastern Promises

Summary: I can always hope for a happy ending.




Happy New BeginningCollapse )


Eastern Promises

Title: The Darker Side of Nikolai

Pairing: Nikolai/Kirill

Rating: NC-17

Word Count: 1,964

Warnings: Swearing, m/m sex, violence, suggestions of non-con (not a happy fic!)

Disclaimer: I don’t own Eastern Promises, all fabricated.

Summary: Exactly how far will Nikolai go to ensure his success? Takes place after Semyon has gone to jail.





A Dark Russian...Collapse )


Eastern Promises

Okay, found this drabble generator thing where you put in terms and it creates a drabble for you. The results are... interesting... to say the least. Check it out: http://prillalar.com/drabbles/
So I decided to do some Nikolai/Kirill drabbles and here's what it came up with, the first one is a pg but the second is probably heading for R, as is the third one, I couldn't resist!

A Vodka in Time...Collapse )
A Leahter-Coated day to suck...Collapse )

To Panting suck....Collapse )

Oh that shouldn't have been as much fun as it was. I promise I will do some proper writing and post it as soon as.

Two Cheese Sandwiches and Two Apple Cores

New Part!

Title: Two Cheese Sandwiches and Two Apple Cores
Rating: PG
Summary: Ravi goes and talks to Warren
Disclaimer: Not Mine
Word count: 856

Providing You Wear A Shirt.Collapse )


Hiya, just writing a new fic at the moment and felt that it might be nice to post =]

Title: Two Cheese Sandwiches and an Apple Core [1]
Rating: R
Summary: Wouldn't you like to know...[though I will say that the title has nothing to do with the story]
Disclaimer: not mine
Word Count: 681

Anything you want, you have.Collapse )